This program is for ages 18 months to 2.5 years. Care for children under the age of 18 months may be available if certain criteria are met. Please speak with a Supervisor for more information.

The program schedule offers free play learning opportunities, snack and meal times, outdoor play (weather permitting), group activities and a rest period. Diapering and toileting routines occur regularly throughout the day and on an as needed basis. Our schedule is flexible and in tune to the needs of the children. A copy of the schedule is available upon request.

It is our aim to provide a nurturing, educational program that meets the needs of the individual child within the context of the whole group. The program offers education through play opportunities to support milestone development and early literacy and math skills. Weekly program plans offer details about the activities offered through various learning centers such as, creative art, dramatic play, science, construction, sensory and group time. A monthly calendar is sent home with each child highlighting special events (ie. pajama day), guests (ie. community helpers) and opportunities for parental involvement.

Meals and Snacks:
Meals and snacks are enjoyed in the lunchroom at Aurora Children’s Centre and in the classrooms at Cardinal Carter. For more information about our dietary staff and menus, please see our nutrition section.

Diaper changes allow for a one on one opportunity between your child and the teacher. The teacher will endeavour to make each child feel comfortable and safe using singing and conversation to create a pleasant atmosphere. Diaper changes are both scheduled and on an as needed basis. Strict Public Health guidelines are followed with regards to preparation and disinfecting of the change table, the wearing of gloves, hand washing and disposal of soiled diapers/wipes. All diapers and wipes are supplied by the parent.

Rest Time:
A quiet time is scheduled between 12:30 and 2:30 pm each day. The teachers will assist each child ensuring they are warm, comfortable and settled. Each child is provided with their own cot and bed sheet which are washed and disinfected at the end of each week. Blankets and soft sleep toys are to be provided by the parent. These will be sent home to be washed at the end of each week.

Daily Communication:
You, as the parent, are the real expert on your child. Daily communication with the teachers is very important. A relative coming to stay, Mommy or Daddy away on a trip, moving from a crib to a bed; all of these things can have an impact on your child. If you are too hurried in the morning or afternoon to speak to your child’s teacher, feel free to call during the day to share information or to ask questions.

The following is a list of items your child will require on a daily basis:

  • Blanket and soft sleep toy
  • One full change of clothing (more if toilet training)
  • A family photo
  • A sippy cup
  • Diapers, wipes or cloths and cream (if necessary)
  • Outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather
  • Replacement meals if your child has food allergies or is on a special diet
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